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Breeding Tropical Fish

This is my “3X5 Computer” file of notes taken over many years about the numerous species of tropical fish that I have kept.  It provided a great resource in writing articles.  In the future, I intend to keep adding material to this website, writing more articles and program notes.                       

This website contains over 130 articles and is designed to help those aquarists who wish to breed unusual and more difficult fish.  The “meat” is contained in the “Species Articles” on breeding specific fish, but there are also articles on plants, foods, maintainence, and equipment in the other sections which are designed to help in the general care of tropical fish.  The Breeding section contains information for groups of similar fish.   Some of the fish pictures have been taken by others, and credit is given below them (thank you Charlie Grimes and Darrell Ullisch).  I have bred each of the species listed in the articles through club Breeders Award Programs (BAP).  The articles were written over a period of many years (1983 to present), but facts about breeding fish do not change over time, just technology.  I have gone over each article to verify the facts and Darrell Ullisch has proof read them to correct errors, so I hope they are accurate and up to date.  This website is not designed to be read from “cover to cover”, but to be an information resource on breeding difficult fish and their care.  Each persons’ experiences are different and solutions to problems will vary, but I hope my experiences will be helpful to readers in their endeavors, especially to bolster threatened species.  Aquarium clubs have been the primary source of my learning about the breeding of tropical fish over the years, especially the Southwestern Michigan Aquarium Society (SWAMAS) in Kalamazoo, and the Grand Valley Aquarium Club (GVAC) in Grand Rapids.  The many accomplished aquarists from these clubs who have helped me gain information about breeding fish are too numerous to mention, but I will forever remain grateful for their help.


Chase Klinesteker