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Red Lined Dwarf Rasbora

Microrasbora rubescens


A while ago I received 7 adult Microrasbora rubescens about 1 inch long.  I was not familiar with this species and intended to look up information on them at a later date.  They are a small slender, fast-swimming fish that reminded me of a golden danio.  The males have a brilliant red line down the side of their body when in breeding condition.  In the meantime, I put them in a 10 gallon tank with tap water, a few potted plants, some large gravel in the back, and fed them well so I might later set them up and try to breed them.   Not long afterward I noticed some breeding behavior in the tank so I siphoned off some water from under the gravel and inspected it for eggs.  Lo and behold I found a number of tiny eggs which I put in RO water with methylene blue to hatch.  The fry were very tiny and needed to be fed APR for about 2 weeks before they would take baby brine shrimp.  The fry grew fairly fast but it was a good 4 months before they were adult.  Only later did I find out that this fish is supposed to be more difficult to breed than many.  Sometimes we are better off not knowing how difficult a task might be before we attempt it.



The Red Lined Dwarf Rasbora is a very peaceful fish that rarely gets more than 1¼ inches long.  They are a schooling fish and are a very pretty sight in a planted tank.  The golden and red colors can be very striking in the right surroundings, and they are constantly on the move.  They inhabit the upper layers of the tank where they feed and probably spawn.  They eat a variety of foods but have small mouths so smaller foods are necessary.  Fine flake food and live baby brine shrimp were their mainstay.  Full adults can handle frozen brine shrimp, but not much larger foods.  They would do well in a community tank with other smaller, peaceful fish.  Sexing is easy.  The males are slightly smaller, more slender, and have the bright red line on their side.  Temperatures from 70 to 77 degrees F. are best for them.


The Red lined Dwarf Rasbora is a very attractive and peaceful fish that is easy to keep in smaller community tanks.  What more could one want?